• Duration - 4 Months

The International AirTransport Association (IATA), is the world organization of scheduled airlines, founded in 1945, to help meet the problems anticipated in the expansion of civil air services after the second world war.

The IATA / UFTAA International Travel Agents Training program was launched in 1972 to meet the growing demand for well trained staff in the Travel Industry and is now available almost all over the world. The IATA / UFTAA Diploma, has become a hallmark in the travel industry and guarantees excellent standards in training, gaining worldwide recognition and acceptance as a high quality product. It is important for anyone wishing to upgrade his / her professional competence or start a career in the travel industry

Who can enroll ?

  • Anyone who wishes to make a career in the travel industry.
  • Personnel who are already in the these fields and who wish to upgrade their knowledge and competence
  • Personnel of large companies who deal with travel arrangements.

Basic Qualification:

  • Successfully completed Secondary school or equivalent.
  • Good understanding of written English, World Geography and Basic Mathematics.

Application and enrollment procedures:

TIM takes care of all procedures related to application, enrollment and supply of the study kit. Just fill in the application form and hand it over along with the bank draft of the fee applicable, to us. Now sit back and relax ! TIM will send your application and remittance to the IATA Training Center at Montreal. TIM will follow up on your application and get your training kit. You can also avail of our intensive coaching to prepare for the examinations.

Examination Procedure:

The IATA / UFTAA Foundation course exams are held every year in March, June, September and December. Students must enroll at least five months prior to the examination. The exams must be taken within the registration period. The exam is conducted on one day only.

Award of Diploma:

To qualify for the IATA / UFTAA Foundation Diploma, candidates must secure at least 60% of the marks obtainable in each section. The paper is divided into three sections, namely: Fares, Travel Theory & GDS. A Diploma with "Distinction" will be awarded to candidates who achieves 90% at their first attempt.

On successful completion of examination, Students will receive the following internationally recognized Diploma.

Job Opportunities:

Reservation, Counter & Sales & Marketing executives in Travel agencies. Traffic assistants, reservation, counter and sales & Marketing executives, Revenue accountants & Prorators in Airlines. Airport operations executives, ground handling executives, check-in & ticketing agents at the Airport, Counter executives, Sales & Marketing executives, Clearing & forwarding agents, airport duty officers, freight forwarders, Port & warehousing executives etc.

Course Content:

How You Will Benefit

  • Make appropriate travel arrangements and reservations.
  • Calculate and quote appropriate air fares.
  • Complete international travel documents in accordance with the applicable IATA rules and procedures.
  • Be on the leading edge for 2007 e-ticketing global implementation.
  • Answer customers' queries, quote rates and supplements, explain conditions and book tour products.
  • Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that your front-line contact with the customer is outstanding.
  • Understand the role of information technology - Global Distribution Systems and the Internet

Designed for

  • Students who wish to have a career in the travel industry.
  • Junior travel consultants.
  • Airline personnel.
  • Tour operators who deal regularly with travel agents.
  • Personnel of large companies responsible for making travel arrangements.
  • Travel Agencies that hire employees who hold the IATA / UFTAA International Travel and Tourism Foundation Diploma meet one of the requirements towards becoming IATA-accredited agencies.


  • The Travel & Tourism Industry and the Travel Professional.
  • Geography in Travel Planning-I
  • Travel Formalities


  • Land Transport - Rail-I
  • Water Transport - Ferry
  • Land Transport - Car and Camper
  • Tour Packages-I
  • Hotels
  • Air Transport Essentials

Support Services

  • Customer Service
  • Technology in the Travel Industry-I

Air Fares and Ticketing

  • Air Fares and Ticketing

GDS Electronic Booking Tools (CD-ROM*)

  • Global Distribution Systems training. Choose between Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre or Abacus. Minimum system requirements: Windows 95, Internet Explorer 5.5, 16MB memory.
  • The 13 modules in the Foundation Level will provide you with an understanding of the travel and tourism industry, the practicalities of the travel professional's role in this industry, the importance of exceeding customer expectations, and the role of technology in the travel industry.
  • In addition, you will become familiar with related subjects such as industry regulations, codes, world geography, air fares and ticketing including e-ticketing, visa and health requirements, as well as tour programmes.
  • For self-study students, about 170 hours of intensive study are required to complete the Foundation course. Students studying at an IATA Authorised Training Centre could expect a longer period of study.

By successfully completing this examination, you will become qualified as a holder of the IATA / UFTAA International Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma. You will also be able to add the letters "DTTC" (Diploma in Travel and Tourism Consulting) after your name.

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