• Duration - 4 Months

IATA and Harvard Business Publishing have partnered to offer aviation professionals powerful new Distance Learning options focused on leadership and management. HMM (Harvard Manage Mentor) consists of over 40 modules and incorporates state-of-the-art, media-rich content furnished by Harvard Business School. The course consists of essential management topics, enhancing aviation and travel industry professional training. This course can be completed with an IATA Aviation module (Airport Operations)

HMM Modules can be purchased along with IATA Foundation/Consultant / IATA Cargo Introductory /IATA Airport Operations courses. HMM modules can also be purchased for past students who are IATA graduates.

This course helps to develop the leadership and managements skills of the student’s need to respond to business challenges with proven solutions. This course is recommended for all aviation staff and newcomers.

Upon enrolment, you will receive access to over 40 modules, valid for 8 months; however, you are only required to successfully complete 10 modules. Each module is 2-4 hours long. You can select topics that better reflect your training and development criteria:

Examination :

At the end of each module, a certificate of completion is awarded to those who pass each module with 70% and have viewed 70% of the course content.

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