Tourism is a composite of activities, services, and industries that delivers a travel experience, namely transportation, accommodations, eating and drinking establishments, shops, entertainment, activity facilities, and other hospitality services available for individuals or groups that are travelling away from home. It encompasses all providers of visitor and visitor-related services. Tourism is the entire world industry of travel, hotels, transportation, and all other components, including promotion that serves the needs and wants of travelers. Finally tourism is the sum total of tourist expenditures within the borders of a nation or a political subdivision or a transportation-centered economic area of contiguous states or nations.

Tourism is concerned with pleasure, holiday travel and going and arriving somewhere. These are the motivation forces that make people leave their “normal” place of work and residence for short-term temporary visits to “other” places. For an increasing number of people, work is no longer the main purpose of life and this encourages tourism. Modern tourism is one of the most striking phenomena of our times and offers us an opportunity to learn, enrich humanity and to identify what may be termed as goals for a better life and a better society.

The Tourism industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries, contributing to 10% of the world's economy making it the single largest service industry globally, in terms of gross revenue, as well as foreign exchange earnings. Tourism is the highest generator of employment globally.

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the number of international travelers has risen to more than 500 million per annum, which means that one out of every ten inhabitants of this planet is a tourist. With rapid developments in the field of transport and communications, the global tourism industry is likely to double in the next decade.

Course Content :

Tourism Management: This module covers History of tourism, Types of tourism, Tourism Organizations, Tourism Infrastructure & Management, Economic & social importance of tourism, Eco tourism, Tourism Circuits, Latest trends and career opportunities in the Tourism Industry


10+2 with a good understanding of written and spoken English

Job Opportunities

Executives in Tour operating organizations, tourist offices and other tourism related agencies, Tour escorts, tour guides, etc.

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