Perhaps no other industry has been so dramatically affected by innovation & growth as the hospitality industry. Business & leisure travel, both domestic & international is growing steadily creating an increased demand for hotel rooms all over the world. Over the last two decades, rapid change has occurred due to technological advancements. Today’s changing lifestyles, attitudes & tastes have given rise to umpteen variations of the basic hospitality theme. Now travelers can choose from health spas, beach resorts, sports resorts, safari camps, mountain cabins, tents, caravans, country inns – the list is almost endless. If current trends are anything to go by, the hospitality industry will become even more diversified in the future. The increasing demand for hotels all over the world has given rise to innumerable career opportunities in the hospitality industry. As the industry gains greater respectability & recognition, it will attract more than its fair share of qualified young people seeking to see the world & enjoy the sight & sounds they are exposed to over the internet.

Course Content

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): This module covers how to deal with different types of customers, effective communication skills, how to present a resume, interview techniques, mock interview, presentation & group discussions, sales technique & marketing principles.
  • Hotel Management : This module covers introduction to hospitality, front office operations, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Back office operations, Automation & Sales & Marketing.


Minimum 10+2 or equivalent. A good understanding of written English, world Geography & basic mathematics. This is a service-oriented industry requiring a willingness to serve. An outgoing personality; organizing & administrative ability; communication skills; ability to motivate staff; interest in people & their creature comforts; some practical skills; good health & stamina; ability to work under pressure; common sense; tact & a sense of humor can go a long way in this field. Self- discipline, initiative & leadership ability are also essential attributes of hotel industry personnel.

Job Opportunities

Front office assistants, lobby / guest relation executives, executive housekeepers, restaurant managers & captains at hotels. Besides working in hotels, the hotel management diploma or degree holders have the following options: Restaurant Management / fast food joint management, Club Management / Recreation & Health centre management, Cruise Ship Hotel Management, Hospital Administration & Catering, Institutional & Industrial Catering, Airline Catering & Cabin Services, Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Hotel & Restaurant Equipment & Services, Hotel & Catering Institutes, Hotel & Tourism Associations, Catering Departments in bank & insurance houses, with government owned catering departments, for example railway, armed forces, ministerial conventions, etc., in food, confectionery, beverage production industries.

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