The success of an airline depends on its service and on-time performance. Efficient and dependable ramp operations directly affect passenger satisfaction with the airline by maximizing schedule punctuality, minimize passenger loading times, speed up baggage unloading, and provide superior cabin cleanliness on every flight. This is possible by having experienced Ramp operators. The main functions of a ramp operator is to oversee Passenger boarding and deplaning, Cargo loading and unloading, Fueling, Galley servicing, Cabin grooming, Potable water replenishment, Meal and beverage, provisioning, Preflight check, Deicing, etc.

Due to the boom in the aviation industry, a lot of domestic airlines have come into the fray. This has given rise to a lot of demand for ramp operators. To fulfill this growing need in the market, TIM has designed this course in Airport & Ramp Operations.

Course Content :

  • Airport Operations: This module covers Airport as business, Airport Revenues, Aviation & Non- Aviation activities, Different departments, Airport Facilities & Management.
  • Ramp Operations: this module covers Airport layout & operations, airfield and apron operations, aircraft handling & turnaround procedures, emergency planning and safety & performance.


Minimum 10 + 2 or equivalent. A good understanding of written English, World Geography, physics and mathematics.

Job Opportunities

Ramp operators and airport ground handlers in domestic and international airlines.

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