Cargo traffic is the deglamourized counterpart of passenger traffic. But it is cargo transportation that forms the core of trade – domestic or international, export or import. Air & sea transportation form the bulk of carriage of cargo. Few decades ago, only mail & a few other items were sent by air. Bulk voluminous cargo was sent by ship. But times have changed now. Almost anything can be carried by air – live animals, valuable cargo, human remains, etc. On the international scene, the air cargo industry is expected to grow at an average rate 8-10% within the next 10 years. With the entry of MNC’s in the country, the courier industry is on the threshold of a boom. People have become very time conscious & with fierce competition, it is a known fact that timely delivery & prompt, efficient service is the key to success.

Course content

  • Industry Organisations & Regulations
  • Aviation Geography
  • Use of Cargo Guides
  • Aircraft Configuration & ULD devices
  • IATA Cargo Agent & Cargo Agency Operation
  • Air Cargo Rates & Transportation charges
  • AWB completion
  • Handling Facilities & Procedures
  • Air Cargo acceptance & booking
  • Cargo Automation


Minimum 10+2 or equivalent. A good understanding of written English, world geography & basic mathematics & good communication skills

Job Opportunities

Counter executives, sales & marketing executives, clearing & forwarding agents, airport duty officers, freight forwarders, distribution / logistics manager, Port manage, Rail operations manager, Transportation manager – passenger services, transportation planner, warehouse manager, Customer service coordinator, operations agent, export / import sea freight coordinator, fleet & facilities manager, logistics operations manager etc.

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